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We were lucky enough to have seven fabulous children and with each of those kids came challenging ears and repeated throat infections! And then, we were really lucky and found our beloved Dr. Baldree and his amazing staff. I can honestly say that in twenty years, we have never had to wait to have our kids treated by this exceptionally skilled and kind man. They are seen that day, a feat handled beautifully by the wonderful staff, who move mountains to accommodate a mama’s busy schedule. Aside from exceptional office care, we have had multiple surgeries and its scary to have your babies “go under” but they are in such safe, capable hands. We have trusted Dr. Baldree with our children for over twenty years and he continues to be our doctor of choice for our ENT needs. He is truly the best choice for our family.
Carol F. 2012

For years, I suffered from chronic sinusitis and a deviated nasal septum, resulting in several rounds of yearly antibiotics, steroids, and nasal sprays. I could not breath through my nose and I was so miserable. Surgery was the final option but only heard about horrible stories regarding the pain and the extensive recovery time. Fortunately for me, a fellow co worker told me about Dr. Baldree and her experience with the same problem.  She underwent sinus surgery on a Wednesday and was back at work the following Monday.  Her discomfort was minimal, requiring just a few pain pills the following day.  I made an appointment and scheduled surgery the following month.  Recovery was a breeze..........had I known about Dr. Baldree and his cutting edge approach, I would have scheduled surgery years ago.   Hope this info can help others with a similiar problem.  

Rick J.  2012

My new doctor had recommended that I see an ENT - - severe nasal issues caused by my allergies. The Dr.'s asst recommended that I call Dr. Baldree among the list of all the other recommended ENT's. First of all, the receptionist Dee... was a delight to chat with when booking my appt. Very friendly and professional.... she guided me to where I could print out some forms online, to save time during my visit. When I arrived, Dee was just as pleasant in person as she was on the phone. :) And also Dr. Baldree was great - - super compassionate and caring.

The office was very nice and comfortable decor. The doctor gave me a couple nasal spray samples... and thankfully the tools he used didn't make my nose tickle as much as the regular doctors. ha! If you're looking for an ENT physician, I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Baldree.

Jessica B.

Sinus surgery was much easier than I anticipated.  I was very nervous at first.  The pain after the surgery is minimal.  It really was not bad at all. The upside of getting the surgery is definitely worth it.  My breathing improved significantly.  I highly recommend getting the surgery if you need it.

Henry B. February of 2013

As a first time patient, I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality and speed of care I received at Dr. Baldree's office.  The appointments were scheduled quickly, the office staff goes out of their way to help patients, and Dr. Baldree is patient, compassionate and thorough in his consultations.  If you are looking for an ENT/Surgeon, this should be your choice. 

Aaron F. March of 2013

Dr. Baldree is an amazing doctor.  I have been a patient since 2006 and my son had to have tubes in 2011. I have referred several of my friends and co workers to him with very positive comments about Dr. Baldree and his office.  The staff is very caring and willing to help in any way possible. 

 B.R. Versluis  October 2013

Thank you so much for getting me in to see Dr. Baldree last minute. I know how tough it has to be to juggle such requests and I just wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciated it. I'm now not worried about going on my vacation & I can tell you that you have earned a loyal new patient! Thanks Dee!
Bridget M. January 2014

Although the words are short and few, this brings the warmest thanks to you. Thank you Dr. Baldree for doing an excellent job of removing the Cyst from my throat on 06-09-2014, and thank you so much for your kindness. May God Bless you always! You are the Best Doctor I know.
F. Young June 2014

The staff at Dr. Baldree's office are top notch. I do not say this lightly. As a mother of two I have been in and out of many Dr's offices and interacted with a lot of people in the medical field but never have I received such care, such professionalism and such personal service as I have with Dr. Baldree. My appointments are typically seen on time. Follow up referrals are handled personally step by step so nothing is missed. While I never want to have to see a doctor, it is a pleasure to be at this office. The staff make all the difference.
Andrea September 2014

You guys are always pleasant! I love that I never have to wait long to be seen. That's the best considering I'm an impatient person. :) Thank you for the awesome service!
Everett L. September 2014

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for saving me twice. First when I had zoster oticus and then when you found the brain tumor. I am convinced I wouldn't be here if not for you. I am post surgery and doing great. Thank you for being such a great doctor.
Karen November 2014


Dear Dr. B., Chris, Dee & Kathleen - It has been a year since Doctor Baldree performed my sinus surgery. I went from years of being conscious of every breath I took, to where I am today....doing what comes naturally without a second thought. Such a different world!

Please know how grateful I am for all you have done. I very much appreciate your skill, willingness to be helpful at every moment, and, last but not least, your kindness

Lynn January 2016
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