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Post Operative Nasal Sinus Surgery Bookmark and Share

- No nose blowing.
- Change the nasal dressing as needed. Oozing is expected. You may have to change the dressing 4 - 5 times an hour the first couple of hours. If you feel it is more excessive, please call the office.
- Use ice packs on the nose and/or sinus 20 minutes per hour for the first 48 hours.
- No activity for the first 2 days. Just rest.
- No Aspirin or Aspirin products for another 10 days. Follow the medication sheet that you were given prior to surgery.
- Elevate your head to help you sleep.
- If your nose is packed or stuffy, you will be breathing through your mouth. This may cause dryness and cause your throat to be sore. A humidifier, fluids or ice chips will help.
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