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A light general anesthetic will be administered throughout the procedure which will involve a small incision in the ear drum or tympanic membrane.  The ear will be deeply cleaned to remove debris and excessive pus, and flushed with a cleansing solution. An ear tube is placed in the hole to keep it open and allow air to reach the middle ear space.

After surgery, the patient will be monitored in the recovery room and will usually go home within an hour if no complications occur. Our patients usually experience little or no post operative pain but grogginess and slight nausea from the anesthesia can temporarily occur.

Hearing loss caused by the presence of middle ear fluid is immediately resolved by surgery.  Sometimes children can hear so much better that they complain that normal sounds seem too loud.

Post-Op Care

Dr. Baldree will need to see the patient one week post op to check the position of the tubes and may prescribe antibiotic ear drops on an individual basis.To avoid the possibility of bacteria entering the middle ear through the ventilation tube, Dr. Baldree may recommend keeping ears dry by using ear plugs or other water-tight devices during bathing, swimming, and water activities.Swimming in well chlorinated pools does not require ear protection however, ear protection is needed when swimming in ponds, lakes and oceans. Flying is permissible immediately following tube insertion.

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